Philippine Aeromagnetic Compilation (PAC)


Paterson, Grant & Watson Limited (PGW), has recently completed a compilation of approximately 200,000 line km of high sensitivity aeromagnetic data covering the Philippines. Previously available only as analogue maps, PGW has digitized the aeromagnetic coverage and has created a seamless mosaic of the individual surveys.


  • Flown in 1983 at a flight line spacing of 2 km, with a small amount of the data being collected at a 4 km interval.
  • The digitized profile data, composite grid, enhanced products, and colour plots can be purchased as a complete package, on a sheet by sheet basis, or as a custom order.


  • Digitized and located profile data for each survey block.
  • 500 m x 500 m grid of each survey block at its original acquisition height and at the final drape height.
  • 500 m x 500 m composite aeromagnetic grid of all the survey blocks at drape height of 500 m above terrain.
  • 500 m x 500 m digital terrain model of the Philippines, derived for the USGS 30 arc-second dataset.
  • 1:2,000,000 scale shaded colour map of the composite aeromagnetic grid (full package only).
  • Custom areas, enhanced products, and interpretation products are also available.
  • Depth to basement study available.

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