PGW utilizes a wide variety of software to ensure we have the right tools to meet your demands.

See below of the different software we specialize in and how we use each one to deliver the best possible product to you.



Oasis Montaj

Oasis Montaj is an industry-leading software for processing, QC, and analysis of geophysical data. Oasis Montaj has been central in PGW's expertise and experience since the Geosoft's inception in 1986, and has developed and integrated many processes.

Our team is skilled a variety of extensions including:

  • VOXI: A powerful 3D-modelling software that harnesses cloud computing to deliver inversions quickly. It is a industry-standard platform that is used widely in the Exploration Geophysics Industry to deliver basement models from airborne, ground, and borehole geophysical data. PGW does VOXI modelling for all Geophysical Interpretation projects.
  • GM-SYS: A 2D-modelling extension that utilized magnetic, gravity, and seismic data to crate a 2D or 2.5D model of the subsurface, While not as powerful as VOXI, it allows for a more constrained model since it allows the use a lot more freedom to edit the model to match the data in real time. This is not standard for PGW's interpretation projects, but will gladly have GM-SYS modelling upon request.


QGIS is a free and open source geographic information system (GIS) used for creating and generating maps of various applications. QGIS is the standard mapping software used by PGW for our Geophysical Interpretation projects. We use QGIS over other softwares such as ArcPro and GRASS GIS because of its ability to:

  • Import a wide array of file types for shapefiles, grids, and images
  • Large library of inventive editing and mapping tools that enhance our interpretations
  • Integrate our in-house processing methods and codes into the software as extensions
  • Utilize and contribute to a larger community devoted to making the software more user-friedly and powerful

Anaconda / Python

Python is an open-source general-purpose programming language that is widely used as the go-to language in the Exploration Geophysics Industry. Utilizing Anaconda Distribution for its extensive catalog of science-specific packages, PGW creates and tailors various code of our in-house processes to ensure that we deliver the best possible product. We use python as a tool for:

  • Radiometric QA/QC to perform initial process and plotting of spectra
  • Principal component analysis of satellite imagery for surficial/regolith interpretation
  • Machine learning to generate prospectivity grids for mineral potential

Geoscience Analyst

Geoscience ANALYST is a free standalone application that allows users to import, visualize, annotate, save, and distribute a multitude of 3D geoscience and mining data types and models. While not part of PGW's regular softwares used our interpretations, our experts sometimes use it as a tool to help visualize geological data to help understand the basement geology.


  • PGW aims to be your partner in discovery using geological knowledge to enhance and constrain the geophysical interpretation of your data.
    - PGW