South American Magnetic Mapping Project (SAMMP)


Paterson, Grant & Watson Limited (PGW), in collaboration with GETECH, have recompiled over 500 airborne magnetic surveys in South America. The original project was sponsored by a consortium of over 20 International Oil and Mining companies. The data were commerically released in July 1997.


  • Over 500 airborne magnetic surveys.
  • Coverage is approximately 75% of land and continental shelf area.
  • Includes all South American, Central American, and Carribean Nations.
  • Data available per continent, by country, or by 1° x 1° area.
  • Price list available upon request.


  • 1 km x 1 km grids.
  • Higher resolution grids and profile data where available.
  • Survey Index Atlas / Full Technical Report giving details of data acquisition, reduction, reprocessing, and map production.
  • Digital Survey Index Database.
  • Large Map Atlas (1:2,000,000).
  • Small Map Atlas (1:5,000,000).

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