Quality Control and Assurance

High-quality data is critical to the identification of structural trends, geologic boundaries, and key features

No one takes this more to heart than PGW, as our advanced in-house workflow is tailored to each individual survey. This ensures that you obtain the highest quality data right in the field to keep your overall costs down.

PGW’s Quality Control approach utilizes a series of proprietary analyses in addition to the standard tests to optimize data quality. Our workflow includes the following:

  1. Pre-survey calibrations: We review all required pre-survey calibrations at predetermined sites prior to authorizing mobilization of the survey crew and system.
  2. Data acquisition: We review all ongoing calibrations and tests, review all acquired data, designate reflights when necessary, and authorize demobilization of the survey crew once all data are accepted.
  3. Survey Deliverables: We monitor review all draft and final deliverables, including data interpretation and integration.

Over the past ten years, PGW conducted survey quality control of more than 4 million line kilometers of data on surveys ranging in all sizes from small-scale (Ontario Geological Survey, Lesotho) to large-scale (Nigeria, Uganda, Saudi Arabia), to country-wide (Botswana, Togo).

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  • PGW aims to be your partner in discovery using geological knowledge to enhance and constrain the geophysical interpretation of your data.
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