Whether it is a single-cell mining claim or an entire country, no interpretation is off-limits for PGW

Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience in interpretation, using a wide variety of geoscientific data, software, and techniques. We regularly experiment with current advancements and practices to develop in-house interpretation approaches to ensure you get the best result for your project.

Our interpretation services include the following:

  • Data compilation of all available geoscientific data
  • Preparatory processing techniques to delineate contacts, lineaments and targets
  • Modelling and inversion of geophysical data
  • Qualitative interpretation of structures and tectonics
  • Qualitative interpretation of lithology and metamorphism
  • Location and identification of alteration
  • Regolith classification
  • Delineation of geological provinces and sub-provinces
  • Determination of target areas designated for high mineral potential and recommendations for follow-up
  • Production of final interpretation maps

PGW's experience spans the entire globe, and we won't shy away from expanding our reach to new areas!

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  • PGW aims to be your partner in discovery using geological knowledge to enhance and constrain the geophysical interpretation of your data.
    - PGW