Branches and Representation

In the late 90s, PGW opened offices in Ireland, Brazil and Chile. All three offices have been now reorganized as representations that maintain a close relationship with our clients. In 2013, PGW opened a representation in Ecuador, and since September 2013 we have been working in partnership with Geo3 in Santiago, Chile (Dr. Andres Pavez and Dr. Carolina Rodriguez) for volcanology, geochemistry and geothermal research and consulting. Both actions are aimed at providing better services for the South American market.

Lori Wickert (Ottawa)
Optical – multispectral & hyperspectral remote sensing, spectral geology and radar

Reeves EarthWorks – Dr. Colin Reeves (The Netherlands)
Consulting geophysics in Africa and Asia

Dr. Sally Barritt (The Netherlands)
QA/QC and survey management for Africa & Middle East

Geo-3 Geophysical Consulting – Andres Pavez (Santiago, Chile) 
Consulting geophysics, remote sensing and geology.


  • PGW aims to be your partner in discovery using geological knowledge to enhance and constrain the geophysical interpretation of your data.
    - PGW