African Magnetic Mapping Project (AMMP)


Paterson, Grant & Watson Limited (PGW), in collaboration with GETECH and ITC, compiled all the available airborne and marine magnetic surveys for the continent of Africa.


  • The known surveys number approximately 800 individual datasets, acquired largely for hydrocarbon and mineral exploration interest.
  • Coverage is approximately 80% of the land and continental shelf area.
  • Survey data from 1948 to 1992 and cover all 52 African nations.


  • Survey Atlas - location and specifications for all surveys.
  • Digital Technical Database - all original survey specifications and processing parameters.
  • Map Atlases - 1:2,000,000 and 1:5,000,000 shaded relief total field magnetic maps.
  • Country Digital Grids - 1 km x 1 km grid draped on topography.
  • Higher resolution magnetic and radiometric data is available for selected surveys (with the permission of the original owner).

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