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PGW is the developer of Geophysical Processing and Image Analysis software packages:

Custom Software (GX) Development. Specialized Geosoft Executables (GX's) for earth science data processing. Click here for a list of PGW GX's.

Tensor Research, Australia

Tensor Research is the developer of ModelVision, an interactive potential fields modelling, inversion, processing and visualisation workshop. ModelVision includes tools for gridding, filtering and numerical simulation. Survey simulation tools within ModelVision ensure users can plan and predict the field specifications for gravity and magnetic surveys, including all tensor components.

Intrepid Geophysics, Australia

  • Intrepid Geophysics specializes in software for processing and interpreting potential field geophysics and radiometrics, 3D geological modelling and web-based geophysical data delivery systems.
  • The two main software packages are:
    • Intrepid Geophysics is a software package with extensive capabilities within airborne, ground and marine magnetics, terrestrial and marine gravity, and multi-channel radiometrics data processing.
    • The stand-alone modules of Intrepid deliver comprehensive tools for processing, filtering, interpretation and visualisation of potential field geophysics survey data. Newly developed tools provide capacity to process and interpret airborne magnetic and gravity gradiometry data; both Full Tensor Gradiometry (FTG) and Falcon.
    • Geomodeller is a software tool for building implicit 3D geological models from a diverse range of data sources and facilitating forward and inverse modelling of potential fields geophysics, including full tensor gradiometry.
  • Learn more about INTREPID and Geomodeller


  • Datamine specializes in GIS and geophysical software for the Mining, Exploration and Oil & Gas industries. It provides a friendly platform for Modelling and Data Integration.
  • A quick overview of Datamine softwares for geophysical processing and interpretation can be found here.


  • PGW aims to be your partner in discovery using geological knowledge to enhance and constrain the geophysical interpretation of your data.
    - PGW

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