Project Management

Services we provide

When you rely on Paterson, Grant & Watson Limited as your Survey Managers, you rely on the best.

PGW has a long history of providing Project Management and Survey Management for a wide range of surveys from field acquisition to QA/QC to comprehensive interpretation of processed data. the professionals at PGW know how to set up surveys to precise specifications, conserve exploration budgets, and obtain the highest quality data and interpretations in mineral, hydrocarbon, groundwater and engineering applications.

Our Survey Management experience covers the following geophysical methods:
  • Magnetic – airborne, marine, ground
  • Radiometric – airborne, ground
  • Gravity – airborne, marine, ground
  • Time-domain electromagnetic – airborne, ground
  • Frequency-domain electromagnetic – airborne, ground
  • Induced polarization – ground, airborne (AIIP)

Bid Preparation, Contractor Selection and Contract Preparation

We prepare bid documents and circulate them to contractors; incorporate the survey requirements and specifications within the organization’s RFP and procurement metrics; list the deliverables and milestones; prepare a draft contract; identify appropriate contractors for bidding; conduct a pre-bid conference; and define an evaluation scheme.

We will review all the proposals (usually a combination of technical expertise and price), select a suitable operator on your behalf and negotiate the contract. PGW maintains an entirely independent relationship with all survey contractors.

Survey Design

We can determine the optimum specifications for your airborne or ground survey, based on target, geology, location, budget, terrain, etc. As a result, we ensure that the survey parameters are optimized for your specific survey objectives.

On-Site Survey Monitoring and Quality Control

PGW supplies a qualified geophysicist to monitor the survey contractor's activities and to review the data collected on a daily basis for quality and adherence to specifications. We will also work with the selected contractor on the survey plan, logistics, safety and communicating positively with local communities.

Data Enhancement and Interpretation

PGW provides a wealth of tools to extract the most from your geophysical data. We have worldwide experience exploring for minerals and oil & gas in a variety of geological terrains.

Data Enhancement and Interpretation


  • PGW aims to be your partner in discovery using geological knowledge to enhance and constrain the geophysical interpretation of your data.
    - PGW