Services we provide

PGW offers a unique and innovative approach to geophysical interpretation that builds in geology in advance.

Our experts have extensive knowledge of interpretation using geophysical, geological, geochemical, remote sensing and topographic data for mineral and petroleum exploration, including country-wide and regional resource evaluations. We regularly experiment with current advancements and practices too develop in-house interpretation approaches that determine the presence or absence of key units in complex stratigraphy.

Our interpretations are based on the following process flow:

  • Preparatory processing; techniques to delineate contacts, lineaments and targets
  • Modelling and inversion of geophysical data
  • Qualitative interpretation of structures (faults, basins, synclines, anticlines, monoclines, fold axes, rifts, etc.) and tectonics
  • Qualitative interpretation of lithology and metamorphism
  • Location and identification of alteration
  • Regolith classification
  • Delineation of geological provinces and sub-provinces
  • Determination of mineral potential

Our team also utilizes various software and machine-learning techniques to combines geology and geophysics to bring out the most of the data. This allows us to deliver an extensive and detailed interpretation that you can use to bring the most out of your projects.


  • PGW aims to be your partner in discovery using geological knowledge to enhance and constrain the geophysical interpretation of your data.
    - PGW