Data Processing

Services we provide

PGW is specialized in processing geophysical data, from DC/IP to gravity to magnetic data. We utilize the most advanced geophysical software, and develop our own processing sequences based on a strong in-house geophysical background. We reprocess all potential field data, re-level data from airborne surveys and micro-level them through proprietary workflows.

With hundreds of data sets and projects of experience throughout our history, our experts know how to derive the most from the raw data either through processing or enhancing data and images. This allows us to achieve the highest resolution data possible and provides you with the knowledge needed for key project decision-making.

Advanced Methods to Produce Best Results

PGW’s professionals are skilled in processing, and include semi-automated techniques and software that we employ strategically for clients seeking to delineate contacts, lineaments, discrete sources (with depths) and of course, geologic targets. Our in-house methods used for processing can be on our Software Development page. PGW has also developed the Neural Network Targeting algorithm sets the standard in Neural Network approaches.

In the last 15 years, PGW has developed GXs for incorporation in Geosoft’s OASIS montaj™ that provide specialized capabilities for levelling, microlevelling, height correction, contact location, source parameter modelling for magnetic data and neural network classification. In 2013, PGW became representative of pb-Encom for the Americas for its geophysical packages ModelVision, PA Discover and EM Flow. Since 2014, PGW is also representing Intrepid Geophysics (Intrepid and 3D Geomodeller).

We Process New and Old Data

It doesn't matter if you are currently acquiring data or have an old dataset: PGW is here to make sure you have the best data possible. We routinely reprocess legacy data sets for mining companies and government bodies to add value and provide a new perspective so you can focus on what matters: the geology.

PGW also has a suite of legacy data from old projects that are available for sale. We reprocess the data to your preferred specifications (file type, grid size, coordinate system, etc.) so the data is ready for interpretation upon retrieval.


  • PGW aims to be your partner in discovery using geological knowledge to enhance and constrain the geophysical interpretation of your data.
    - PGW