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Company Overview

Paterson, Grant & Watson Limited was established in 1973 to provide consulting, data processing and interpretation services in exploration geophysics for mineral, hydrocarbon, groundwater and environmental applications.


In the past 45 years, PGW has established a world-renowned reputation for providing consulting, project management, data processing, interpretation and training services in the application of airborne and ground geophysics to resource exploration. The company has worked for virtually all of the world's major petroleum and mining companies, a variety of junior petroleum and mining companies, federal and provincial/state government agencies worldwide, and international institutions (e.g. World Bank, United Nations, Canadian International Development Agency). As a result of this work, PGW has gained a vast pool of knowledge and experience.


PGW employs a range of professionals in Toronto, Canada, including three principals and senior geophysicists (Stephen Reford, Edna Mueller-Markham and Dr. Hernan Ugalde), one staff geophysicist (Peter Tschirhart) and one senior structural geologist (Dr. Iris Lenauer) who integrates geophysics and structural geology, conducts field structural mapping and builds integrated 3D litho-structural models. The support staff includes digital cartography/CAD specialists, administrative and sales personnel, digitisers and software developers. In the late 90s, PGW opened offices in Ireland, Brazil and Chile. All three offices have been now reorganized as representations that maintain a close relationship with our clients. In 2013, PGW opened a representation in Ecuador, and since September 2013 we have been working in partnership with Geo3 in Santiago, Chile (Dr. Andres Pavez and Dr. Carolina Rodriguez) for volcanology, geochemistry and geothermal research and consulting. Both actions are aimed at providing better services for the South American market.

Meet our team

PGW’s main office is located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Branches and Representation

PGW has Branches & Representatives around to world to provide you with local knowledge and agents.

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  • PGW aims to be your partner in discovery using geological knowledge to enhance and constrain the geophysical interpretation of your data.
    - PGW

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